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06 February 2018

Analysis: Residents demand for “park proximity” confirms greenspace as a highly valued asset worth ongoing investment.

The recently released Natural Capital Account for public greenspace in London reported the value Londoners place on living near a public park at £930 per household per year, based on an average 3.4% property value premium home-buyers were willing to pay for “park proximity”. Even with park proximity in low density residential areas of Brisbane averaging just under 200m, residents placed almost as high a value – a 2.28% property value premium (Plant, Rambaldi & Sipe, 2017), worth $AU708 per household  – on access to public green space as London residents.

08 January 2018

Opinion: Urban cooling priorities in Brisbane? Based on analysis by Daveh Deilami (UQ), suburbs feeling the additional heat of up to 7 ºC of urban heat island (UHI) effects in Brisbane are those where we are asking more people to live, work and walk!!!  Deilami, K., M. Kamruzzaman and J. Hayes (2016). Correlation or Causality between Land Cover Patterns and the Urban Heat Island Effect? Evidence from Brisbane, Australia. Remote Sensing 8(9): 716.

17 November 2017

New report – Check out my contribution to a national assessment of climate vulnerability of urban tree species in Australian cities.


31 October 2017

New publication – Lyndal Plant, Neil Sipe and Alicia Rambaldi – 2017- “Building stronger business cases for green infrastructure” pgs 302-329 in ISA Urban Forest Sustainability



28 October 2017

Enjoyed explaining my research findings about a threshold level of tree cover on private property that offers positive property value benefits on Weekend Sunrise this morning.

22 October 2017

Brisbane home-buyers reveal their preference for leafier streets but a threshold of leafiness on private properties, through their home purchasing patterns. Brisbane Times

31 August 2017

Lyndal explains her research on the value of leafy streets on Radio National’s ‘The Money’. “On the street where you live – money really does grow on trees”



  • NSW Office of Environment & Heritage – Climate Change Fund. Sub-consultant in Review of best practice for monitoring and evaluating urban green cover/urban cooling projects- including two national and four international case studies.